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Two online workshops
explore these themes with
two migrant workers, Noemi
Manguerra and Cristina Cayat,
co-founders of Hong Kong-based
artist collective Guhit Kulay, co-facilitate
with Alma Quinto.

These are "Sanga sangang Ayuda Ngayong
Pandemya" (Networks of Care during th
Pandemic)and "Agtayab Tayon" (Let's Fly) which
provide spaces for the participants to create, tell their stories, meet and learn from others and exchange ways on how to co-exist with the deadly virus. 

Sanga-sanga or interconnection aims to map out in visual form the networks of care that the pandemic has generated as a means of support for migrant workers and their
families in their homeland. It is also
about mobility or the lack of it with
the train map and the bird as
reference points.




Alma Quinto


Kamustahan Session #1  - Group photo .pn

Noemi Manguerra


Born in Urdaneta, Pangasinan province, the Philippines, Quinto is a visual artist, educator, and cultural worker, whose works aim to empower downtrodden lives and heal broken dreams. Her works have been exhibited in international institutions, and she has been invited to various biennales and triennales, including the Kuala Lumpur Biennale 2018, the Yokohama Triennale 2005 and the Havana Biennale 2004.

For her artist residency in Center for Heritage Arts and Textiles (Hongkong) in 2018, she collaborated with Filipino migrant workers for her project Day off mo? (Is it your day off?).  more >




Cris has been working in Hongkong for 25 years, where she’s also an active member of Guhit Kulay, a migrant artist collective set up in 2017. 


Pre-pandemic, Cris is mostly a visual artist taking part in workshops and putting up exhibits in Hongkong. Because of the lockdown, she ventured to embroidery and sew cloth masks to cheer up her friends. 


She grew up in Baguio where she owns a gown rental business on the side. She looks forward to applying what she learned in the workshops in developing her business. 

Participating artists


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